Friday, June 12, 2009


In this blog, I will post new jobs in the Universities in the middle-east as they are posted in the University Websites. A teaching job in the middle-east is lucrative for a young teaching professional. The terms of employment is generally attractive. Besides, Middle-east is at the middle of the earth!! So all the places on the earth's surface are nearer. A short trip to home or a vacation or a conference travel is not as hectic as from other parts of the world.

Unfortunately there is not a single site providing all job opportunities in the middle east. So one has to visit all the University sites frequently to know about the jobs advertised there. This blog page is intended to fill that gap. I will frequently update this blog to bring to your notice any new job that might have appeared in the career pages of any University.

Later I will create functionalities in this page to ask the readers to register to this blog. The registered readers will be sent email notification when a new item is posted in the blog.

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  1. Dear Dr. Mishra,

    I wish to thank you very much for this website which you established, and I appreciate if I could get frequent emails updating me about the vacancies in academia in the Middle East. My email is:

    Thank you again, and well done.

    Best regards.

    Dr. Fred Saleh