Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Al Yamamah University Saudi Arabia

Al Yamamah University is committed to attract distinctive international Faculty Members who can provide world class education as per our institutional mission and values. Faculty Members are being attracted from across the globe to join Al Yamamah University and to play their role in promoting academic excellence and enhancing community participation. Teaching, research and social development are considered important at Al Yamamah University and therefore the administration is committed to employ world class Faculty with global vision and experience in these areas.

The President of the University, Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Executive Faculty Search Committee are actively involved in Faculty selection. Based on the needs of the University, recruitment is made for English Language Instructors at INTELINK directly and for the academic faculty by the University itself. Faculty Positions for Colleges of Business and IT are advertised annually and then the applications are reviewed and processed by the Faculty Selection Committee. PhDs (preferred) and Masters Degree holders with International experience and quality oriented approach are selected on a competitive basis. This year, the total number of Faculty Members (including Interlink) at Al Yamamah University has almost doubled as per the increase in the number of students and due to the fact that the University is determined at maintaining a student centered approach in the learning process. Faculty Members have been selected from USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East mostly, as per the priority of the university to continue promoting diversity, as well as a quality oriented approach.

To apply fill up the form at the following webpage:

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