Friday, June 19, 2009

Universities in the Middle-east

I will update this blog every week collecting and publishing academic opportunia one-stop destination for all academic job openings in Middle-east. Check the following Wiki pages about the Universities/Colleges in these countries:ties in the Schools/Universities in the middle-east. University teaching positions in Soudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar have become very attractive now-a-days because of good quality of life in these countries, good service conditions and proximity to every corner of the world.

This blog will serve as

1. List of universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia
2. List of universities and colleges in Kuwait
3. List of Universities and Colleges in Dubai

The Wikipedia page on List of Universities and Colleges in Qatar is incomplete. A small list can be found at the following link:
4. List of Universities and colleges in Qatar

Also University of Calgary, Canada has a campus in Qatar.

In this blog I will be provideing the readers all the job openings in these Universities in one place.

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